Working together to create prosperity on and off campus


Promoting economic resiliency

A common goal among higher education is to create stronger, more resilient ecosystems to develop campus and create pathways to prosperity for underserved communities. The Apex Project provides the roadmap for institutions that want to create better outcomes from the campus outwards – and the community inwards.

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Inside-Out Resiliency

Leveraging available incentive programs (including Opportunity Zones) to help facilitate on-campus deals and support balance sheets.


Outside-In Resiliency

Positively impacting surrounding communities by investing in job creation, providing support for low-income areas, or helping to facilitate off-campus real estate deals.


Colleges and universities often encounter three barriers when engaging with their community: lack of information, lack of resources, and perceived risk. We put together a roadmap to navigate these obstacles and drive the localized conversations about economic revitalization.


What this project promotes


Using every available resource to build wealth for underserved populations.


Seeking out new economic bases to align with core assets and capture future growth.


Establishing symbiotic relationships to improve vertical integration between higher education and local needs.


Arming educational institutions with information to promote success during periods of uncertainty.