If the Roadmap is the instruction manual for building your resiliency strategy, the Guidebooks are the encyclopedias that you can reference as you build. They show you the tools you’ll need and explain how to use them – from public private partnerships to tax incentives.

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Structuring Public-Private Partnerships

Procuring and developing on-campus projects through public private partnerships with private developers. 

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Building a Capital Stack

Building a mix of funding sources and other incentives that comprises the capital necessary to get a deal done. 

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Identifying Capital Sources

Establishing symbiotic relationships to improve vertical integration between specialized commodities and local needs.

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Understanding Opportunity Zones

Demystifying Opportunity Zones to unlock new sources of capital in underserved communities.

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Understanding Tax Credit Transactions

Arming educational institutions with information to promote success during periods of uncertainty.

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Deploying Community Wealth Strategies

Exploring innovative models that build agency and wealth for residents and business owners in underserved communities. 

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